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A journey through Andrea Monesi's sophisticated cuisine, for the pleasure of the palate. The starred restaurant offers 3 menus selected by the Chef or the a la carte choice. We recommend that you enjoy our cuisine to the fullest.
We recommend the choice of menus to all diners.

Menu 5 portate.webp

5 courses to get to know our cuisine

140,00 €

Wine pairing with 5 glasses

70,00 €
menu classico monesi.webp

Seafood carbonara

The scallop that wanted to be gratinated

Tuna rabbit

Fresh pasta tagliatelle, 37 egg yolks, duck and orange ragout

Dry aged veal 40 days, beetroot and caramelized onions

50 shades of chocolate

160,00 €

Wine pairing with 6 glasses

85,00 €

7 courses to immerse yourself in our cuisine

180,00 €

Wine pairing with 7 glasses

100,00 €

There Sommelier Sara Michela Orlando will recommend the best wine pairing to emphasize the flavor of the food to the maximum.

Piatto Fondo Andrea Monesi.webp


With a number of guests exceeding 4 people, the same tasting menus are served for all diners.


My trip on the Po

Scampi and pink prawns

Rabbit “tonnato”

Egg, roe and sturgeon

First courses

Rice, game, pomegranate and fir

Spaghetti, wild garlic, baby squid and whisky

Ziti, marsapan and Bruss

Fresh pasta tagliatelle 37 yolks, duck and orange ragout

Fish dishes

Monkfish and sea snails

Turbot and zucchini

Meat dishes

Veal dry aged 40 days, beet and caramelized onions

Sweetbread, bagna càuda and black cabbage

Pigeon, roasted supreme, confit leg with figs and foie gras with ginger

Pheasant, thistles and pollen


50 shades of chocolate

€ 25,00

Black forest in bloom

€ 25,00

Banana, lime and corn

€ 20,00

Peanut, pineapple, lychee and sesame brittle soufflé

€ 28,00

Ice creams and sorbets

€ 15,00

Selection of Luigi Guffanti cheeses

€ 25,00

2 dishes of your choice 80 EURO
3 dishes of your choice 120 EURO

We would like to inform you that, on request, you can view the menu with the allergens in each dish at the restaurant.

In order to preserve the quality and safety of raw materials, some products are subjected to culling treatment as per HACCP regulation. At our place, fish purchased fresh and fed raw has undergone reclamation treatment as per European Regulation No.853/2004. Because we use fresh products purchased daily, some products may be occasionally missing.

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